Next step electronics 1; Transistor-based thermometer

Throughout the years of my occupation with analog electronics I have realized that there is a considerable gap between intermediate and advanced analog knowledge. That is, even if you have read every known book regarding analog electronics, either for undergraduate students (The Art of Electronics, Microelectronic Circuits) or for graduate students (Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits), you will probably have no idea how to analyze monstrous circuits like the LM10 or an fm receiver. It’s not easy to analyze even the LM101 that got out decades ago.

The purpose of this line of posts is just that. To introduce and explain circuits relatively unknown to the average electronics enthusiast. Some of them will be simple (like the one that is going to be presented in this post) and some of them will be a little bit more complicated. But all of them have one common trace; when I stumbled across them for the first time, I felt like making a step towards advancing my expertise on the subject of analog electronics.

Ok, enough with the talking. Let’s find out how we can make a thermometer using off the shelf transistors.

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