Thoughts 1

OK, this is not going to be another technical oriented post. We ‘ll have some of those later this summer. This is just some words I want to see written.

After making another commitment of posting regularly, here I am 1 and 1/2 months later.

What happened?

Exams happened. Again. And they will happen again and again.

I have no remorse. I focused on the right thing. What really bothers me is if this is going to continue after graduation. I know a lot of professionals who blogposting every week and tweeting every day and I really want to know their secret (if there is one). Is it because they actually have time or they posses the ability to fit everything to their daily routine?

5/8/14 UPDATE

Fortunately, I passed 7 out of 8 exams and now, hopefully, I will get my degree on time. So, I guess my posting hiatus was worth it.