Project Euler Problem 3

Ok, so what do we have here? We have a number, a really big number, and we must prime factorize it. This example is just a glimpse of MATLAB’s superiority over other languages when it comes to maths, because we can instantly take advantage of one of the many ready-to-use functions.

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Guess who’s back, new project

That’s right! After 20 days of exhausting exams, I managed to survive and write this post.

So, what’s the new_project(slash)summer_project? A homemade computer! I know, not so original, but building your own mini-computer is something worth your time. Just imagine the feeling of having a customizable computer system under your full control. Yes, that’s my motivation.

To begin with, it is going to be based on a pic. External ram, lcd screen, some more storage space and, maybe, a keyboard. More to be added is expected in the future. In case you are interested, I’ll be posting updates, frequently.